Greg Holgate, Chuck's son-in-law, came part of the Hour Glass family in 1976.  New to the glass business at the time, Greg was an experience carpenter, and craftsman of many trades.  Though, with the help of Chuck and Elmer, he took to the business right away, bringing many excellent qualities such as, strong will, dedication, and honesty along with him.

After many years of dedication and service to the Hour Glass name and its customers, Elmer and Harriet retired in 1984.  Chuck and Barbara solely took over the administrative aspects, while Greg assumed Chuck's wide range of previous duties.

In 1997, Chuck, like Elmer had many years of devotion poured into Hour Glass and retired, leaving Greg to run the family business.  Also in this year, Kelly, Greg's Daughter and Chuck's Granddaughter, started at the family business too.  Kelly picked up on the bookkeeping quickly from her grandmother, Barbara, where she had been a vital asset to the company.  Nearly 15 years later, Kelly parted with Hour Glass and moved away to raise her own growing family.  Recently, Greg's daily tasks now consist of keeping the Hour Glass' gears turning with all the behind the scenes requirements such as banking and bills.

I, Chad Holgate, am a third generation glazier, son of Greg and Grandson of Chuck; I could not have learned the business from two better men.  I began working at Hour Glass in 1998, after school and over summer vacations at age 16, still in high school.  Greg made it a point to send me out with different crews to learn all about the different aspects of the trade such as: curtain-walls, storefronts and entrances, windows, mirrors, etc.  Over the years I worked hard like any other employee to rise up the ranks, starting at window repairs, to assembling commercial storefronts and on to technical wall systems and so on.  Currently, I run the day-to-day business operations consisting of both installations and a wide range of administrative duties.  I was raised learning the family business based on pride for the trade and respect for one another and that type of practice is what has kept Hour Glass and its valued customers around for the last five decades.

Also part of the Hour Glass family is Arthur Gonzales, who has worked up the ranks to be one of Hour Glass' most valued employees.  Art started at Hour Glass, already a skilled glazier in 1999 with several years of experience.  Throughout the years he has proven his worth time and time again while moving up the chain.  Art ensures that Hour Glass runs smoothly day in and day out.  Currently he manages the daily service work, schedules our Technicians, estimates, and so on.

All our employees have been very good and faithful to Hour Glass & Mirror; many of them have been part of the Hour Glass Family for 10, and even 20 years.  We are always looking for good employees to help satisfy our customers out in the field; and when we find one we make sure they have a home here at Hour Glass.

About Us


Two honest men, Charles Morris (aka Chuck) and Elmer Maddox, founded Hour Glass & Mirror in 1965.  As equal partners in the business, Chuck managed the crew and made sure that projects where completed to Hour Glass' standards.  Elmer was the estimator and office manager.  Also, working hard in the shop, where their wives, Barbara and Harriet who did the banking, bookkeeping, and helped with the daily walk-in customers.

Since the very beginning, Hour Glass has been on call 24 hours a day so that our customer's are safe and secure every day, night, weekend, and holiday.

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